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AdvancAir Custom
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AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal

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AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal
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HEPAir is the perfect solution for cleanroom, upgrade, problematic area, additions, mini-environments and process isolators. HEPAir is a fully integrated modular unit that combines cleanroom air conditioning and HEPA fan/filter technology and does all the things you would expect from a larger, more complex system. It is the perfect solution for when you need control of: cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure.

Ten reasons to chose HEPAir:

  • Operates independently of large, central systems
  • Can control positive and negative pressure

  • Is ideal where point-of-use control is required

  • Is available with many factory-installed options such as close temperature tolerances, alarms and controls

  • Is designed to match to most existing fan/filter units

  • Is available in 115,208-230V, 60 Hz: 220-240V, 50Hz

  • Is designed for once-through or recirculating applications

  • Is designed to allow field connections from multiple sides

  • Is a "do-it-yourself" solution for when the cost of outside consultants and contractors is prohibitive

  • The ability to easily relocate or modify the space at a later date may be needed

Call the HEPAir applications engineering team to learn more. Toll free in the USA 800-825-3268; 315-452-7400. Or write: info@cleanroomsystems.com

HEPAir® is patented and a registered trademark of Air Innovations, the parent company of Cleanroom Systems.


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  • Vertical HEPAir Data Tables


  • HEPAir Brochure
  • Vertical HEPAir Brochure

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