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AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal

Download Documents
AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal

Download Documents
AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal
HEPAir Vertical



Micro :: AdvancAir Custom

AdvancAir® environmental control units for Original Equipment Manufacturers' applications are custom built to your exact specification in a variety of system configurations. Our engineering staff will work with you one-on-one using SolidWorks programming. A full-sized prototype for you to inspect and test under contract load conditions simulated in our environmental chambers is the next step. Small scale or full production run capabilities are available.

Advance Air technical capabilities

  • Temperature control as tight as plus or minus 0.008 degrees F

  • Humidification control capable to plus or minus 0.5% RH

  • Sophisticated process and static pressure controls

  • Chilled water or DX-based systems

  • Computer managed system-wide control for total environmental process, capable of integration into facility control system

  • Vertical or horizontal configurations

  • Meet Semi S2-93 and S8-05 standards

  • Non out-gassing construction available

Examples of AdvanAir applications installed around the world

  • Semiconductor (lithography, CMP, wafer processing)

  • Microelectronic

  • Aerospace (satellite and space craft development)

  • Compact disc production

  • Ultra-clean assembly and metrology operations

Click here for more information about our OEM and custom AdvancAir applications.

Variety of system configurations


AdvancAir Unit


Fan Section
Small footprint

Built in computer controls

360° panel removal for easy service access

Evaporator Section
Completely sealed

All steel, stainless steel, or double clad construction
for life sciences applications

Mechanical Section
Quiet Operation

Completely pre-piped, pre-wired, and pre-tested



AdvancAir puts greater capacity and enhanced performance in a smaller footprint
A system of individual, standardized components is pre-fabricated into 34" or 26 x 30" cubes. The system of components can be mixed and matched to create thousands of different models and configurations to meet worldwide specifications. Units are assembled for installation either vertically or horizontally, on the floor inside or exterior to the cleanroom, on a mezzanine or suspended from building structuals.

Shown above: three-cube vertical unit.





































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