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AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal

Download Documents
AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal

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AdvancAir Custom
HEPAir Horizontal
HEPAir Vertical




Typically 1,000 – 12,000 CFM Systems

The family of HVAC products from Cleanroom Systems is the only fully integrated modular environmental system specifically designed and manufactured for the general cleanroom industry. HEPAir products are intended for use in standard cleanroom environments such as pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, packaging, aerospace, chemical, hospitals and laboratories.

These products are intended for temperature, humidity and pressure control and are offered in both standard or customized systems ranging in size from ½ ton to 25 tons in capacity.

HEPAir, our unitary product line is available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. The Horizontal HEPAir is designed to work with either standard fan filter units (FFU’s) or can be specified with static pressure capabilities for terminal or panel HEPA filters. Available in ½ ton to 2 ton capacities, the Horizontal HEPAir is ideal for softwall, single pass air cleanrooms where comfort cooling is desirable. They are also very effective in Horizontal HEPAircontrolling both temperature and humidity in ducted or plenum type recirculating systems. Horizontal HEPAirs are easily grouped together for added cooling capacity and include optional stainless steel humidifiers, prefiltration, reheaters, uv sterilization, duct collars, and PID controls.

The Vertical HEPAir is ideal for both modular and permanent cleanroom enviroments where temperature, humidity and pressure control is essential. Available from 5 ton to 25 ton capacities, their pre-packaged, self-contained design offers ease of onsite installation and equipment startup. Integral recirculation fans, mounted in an either upflow or downflow arrangement, have the static pressure capabilities to supply extensive ductwork systems, terminal HEPA filters or FFU’s. Double Vertical HEPAirclad insulated panel construction with special attention to sealing methods and insulation materials provide for extremely low leakage rates and equipment that is non-outgassing or particle shedding. Multiple supply, return and makeup air opening locations offer ductwork design and unit location flexibility. Options include electric reheaters, humidification, stainless steel enclosures, chilled water coils and high efficiency filtration. The Vertical HEPAir also serves as a direct replacement for older generation AdvancAirs from Clestra built prior to 1999. Please contact info@cleanroomsystems.com for replacement information.

HEPAir technology is unique in the HVAC market:

  • Completely self-contained
  • Modularity offers ability to relocate or modify
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Offers sensible and latent coil applications
  • Multiple return air openings for variable duct connections
  • Mechanical components easily accessible
  • High quality, brand name components
  • Factory-tested
  • Integrated humidification
  • Integrated electric reheat coils
  • Plug-and-Play design
  • Integrated high static pressure motorized impellar fans

The AdvancAir model for macro environments can be customized for that particular configuration where standard product either will not fit the space available or cannot meet the technology requirement.

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