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Macro-Enivoronment Unit with Open Doors

Cleanroom Systems, established in 1983, is a division of Air Innovations, which designs, tests and manufactures environmental process control systems for a wide variety of applications. Equipment is produced in a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Syracuse, New York.

Specific design and development capabilities include the ability to engineer and manufacture precision environmental control systems and air conditioning units for process cooling within close tolerances and for any sized "packaged" system.

We continue to grow as we tailor new products to the needs of our customers – and approach each and every challenge with innovation.cleanroom

We maintain a dedicated R&D department to test and validate our engineered solutions. Our multi-disciplined engineering team has experience in designing electrical controls, refrigeration, piping, airflow, filtration, cabinetry and enclosures. All of our designs are made in SolidWorks, which creates 3D, rotatable imagery during product development. Our products are certified to the safety and performance standards of ETL, UL, CSA, CE, ANSI, SEMI or MIL-STD.

Our company is led by a Board of Directors whose expertise is in environmental systems engineering, lean manufacturing and business development.

AI's management team is led by President and CEO Michael L. Wetzel, P.E.

Let us show you how Cleanroom Systems can design a solution for your HVAC environmental control applications.



factory workers

Employment Opportunities at Cleanroom Systems

If you are seeking a position in specialized environmental control engineering or manufacturing, and want to be part of a growing and fast-paced company, please visit Air Innovations, the parent company of Cleanroom Systems, and click on Career Opportunities. Review company literature on our web sites and send resume with salary requirements.

Human Resources
7000 Performance Drive
North Syracuse, NY 13212
or contact hr@cleanroomsystems.com


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7000 Performance Drive  |  North Syracuse, NY 13212


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